Continental Pipe & Tube Cut-off Machines
Continental Pipe & Tube Cut-off Machines

About Cut-Off Machines

Continental cut-off machines cut pipe and tube faster and more cleanly than any other method.  Cutting pipe and tube is much different than cutting bar stock since, with pipe or tube, only the thin wall of the tube must be cut—not the entire cross-section as with barstock.  Yet most companies use the same machines—band saws, cold saws or chop saws—to cut tube as for barstock.  This means a slow cutting rate since the blade must pass through the entire cross section, and it must do this slowly to avoid grabbing and damaging the tube wall.

Continental pipe and tube cutting machines are different.  They take advantage of the rotary cutting method as shown in the videos below.  As you can see, with rotary tube cutting the blade only passes through the wall of the tube.  The result is a much faster cut.  As a bonus, no chips are created and generally no coolant is required, so the work area and your parts stay clean and dry.  And there’s one more advantage!  Since a kerf is not removed, no material is wasted—none!

Continental’s pipe and tube cutting machines are very simple.  Because of this they are fast to set up and easy to operate.  Operators will be fully up-to-speed on set up and operation quickly.  Plus, they are rugged and easy to maintain.  Many Continental customers are regularly running machines that are over 50 years old.

Our machines have a low initial investment, long life, low maintenance and are easy to set-up. Whether you’re cutting 10 pieces a day or thousands, we have a Continental model that that will meet your pipe and tube cutoff needs.  Industries include plumbing, automotive, fencing, heating & refrigeration, lighting & electrical, furniture, playground equipment and many more.

Check out our Model 6A video!

Check out our Model 2A cutting 5/8″ Diameter Stainless Steel in 4 seconds!